13 Days

Comic book based feature 13 days after Christmas, tells us all about the different holiday celebrations around the world. Creating an immense imagery of Santa types, including lots of different regional like features and even an alien character, this particular film allows us to think about diversity and the celebration parties that happen worldwide.

Besides the cultural content, coming from the based comic, the soundtrack (which has a good deal of international artists such as Bjork, Fitacola, Useless Id, Titãs and Vulgaire Machines) makes the whole film richer as it ads to the beautiful settings. The entire visual part of this movie has background stop motion animated effects, which recall a previous movie by director Michel Gondry, The Science of Sleep.

The Santa’s characters, in their many different names are all portrait in very convincing acting by Jack Black, who was also in a previous of Gondry’s films. He portrays the different seven characters that come in together in one of the greatest scenes, as an adaption of the comic book collection.

This film is fun to watch, the script makes it a family movie, even though visually it is a big Christmas feast and you might feel the need to watch it over to pay more attention to the details. Speaking of the details the art in this film is a spectacle apart and the whole HD, large screen experience make it look like one snowy afternoon little Christmas miracle.

13 days, in its not very inventive screenplay, might not be the Best work by Gondy, but is a great end of the year feature. The kids will enjoy it.

By Nicole Zatz

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