Bamboozle the Reindeer Piñata

In the best blockbuster since Bambi, Bamboozle is a reindeer piñata in Magistros’s workshop. As Christmas Eve approached all the other piñatas, like those of Superman, Batman and Buzz Light Year were selling like hotcakes. But poor old Bamboozle was left in a corner of the workshop. Trouble was, one of his antlers was a bit broken. It wasn’t much of a repair job really, just maybe a bit of sticky tape and some super glue, but Magistro was too busy churning out new piñatas to trouble himself with Bamboozle.

But alas piñatas had no idea what was in store for them. On Christmas day they would be stuffed with toys and sweets and other presents, strung up on a rope and then bashed to pieces by a bunch of children with sticks!! If only they knew what fate had in mind.

This didn’t help Bamboozle, alone in a cold, dark corner night after night as his mocking companions left the toy store one after the other to the laughter of little children. Bamboozle cleverly fooled Wicca Witch and Olly Orc when they schemed to break the other antler. She was helped through Christmas week by some of the other broken piñatas who improvised for their missing parts.

Meanwhile Santa had a problem. Rudolph was down with fawn flu right on Christmas Eve. During Santa’s visit to Magistro’s workshop to pick up broken piñatas for his elves to try and mend for some of the poorer children, Santa spotted Bamboozle all alone and miserable in a corner. “The very thing!” exclaims Santa, and immediately purchases Bamboozle to go on the front of his sleigh. The elves fixed up his broken antler and fitted fairy lights around them to substitute for Rudolph’s glowing nose and Hey! Presto- Santa’s illuminated sleigh is ready for action just in time on Christmas Eve. Result? Christmas saved! Presents delivered.

And as he flew back to the North Pole on Christmas day Bamboozle could see all his other erstwhile companions being beaten, flogged and broken open by laughing children. It was then that he realised that whilst he might not be completely whole, he was certainly the luckiest reindeer that Christmas- and for many more to come!


Just the job for Xmas! A real tearjerker of a children’s movie where Bamboozle the reindeer piñata, helps Santa out of a real fix on Christmas Eve. The goodies (Triclops and Cat ‘o Lantern) versus the baddies (‘Orrible Orc and Wicca Witch) in a battle for Santa’s sanity. Action, pathos and the complete spectrum of emotions run throughout this film.

Parental guidance needed (there are some violent scenes with beating up of piñatas)

Filmed in 3 DEER

Musical score by Buck Venison conducting the Doe Ray Me Philharmonic orchestra.

By David Pybus

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