Christmas in the Nut House

It’s Christmas eve at The Alaska State Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane and the patients are anticipating another dreary holiday with nothing to comfort them but the usual Seroque cocktails and Pictionary games. Friends and family are all murdered and/or otherwise alienated and the doctors and other staff members are eager to get the hell out of there and get home to their families – all but Nurse Knickers, who has a few holiday tricks up her sleeve for the lonely inmates. It’s snowing like none have seen it snow in years, and the fun begins when the roads that lead to the hospital close and the power suddenly is lost. As the holiday muzak fills the activity room everyone begins to wonder – Were those Christmas cookies that Nurse Knickers served really safe to be ingested?

Ms. Roberts guarantees that Christmas in the Nut House will become your family’s new favorite holiday tradition, “Well, I’m not showing it to my children because they are very sensitive and bright and their therapists have advised against it, but it will be fine for normal kids and dumb kids will just love it.”

“This has been a project I’ve been dreaming up ever since I finished filming “Eat Pray Love”. “Eat Pray Love” inspired me to further explore storytelling about crazy people – I really wanted to play one of the inmates but I couldn’t find anybody sexy enough to play Nurse St. Knickers, so I had to do it. It turned out well”, she added with a wink.

Opening tonight in New York, Ms. Roberts has invited as her special guests to the very first showing the inmates of Rykers Island Psychiatric Ward. Will special Christmas cookies be served?

“You’ll just have to wait and see”, laughed Roberts.

By Cheri Passell

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