Rudolf’s Revenge

“Santa thinks Christmas is all over…. It is now!”

All is well with Santa and his elves at the North Pole as they prepare for a busy Christmas Eve one week away. Disaster strikes when Rudolf’s pre Christmas medical reveals his red nose is now highly radioactive due to global warming.

What was a warm Disneyesque concept becomes a violent ecological nightmare in the hands of director Tony Scott. A distraught Santa (Steve Carell) decides not to tell Rudolf (Daniel Day Lewis) who incidentally spent a year at the North Pole to get under the skin of his character.
Santa and Mrs Claus sympathetically played by (Ellen DeGeneres) administer Rudolf’s anti radiation medication in his daily feed unaware of the side effects… violent mood swings and difficulty in steering.

All goes well until Christmas Eve and the final leg of the return trip to the North Pole, Rudolf suddenly veers violently off course and steers a screaming Comet (Zak Efron) and Vixen (Vanessa Ann Hudgens) and “all of the other reindeer” in dive-bombing raids over world capitals.

A maniacal Rudolf is finally hit with tranquilliser pellets shot by US and UK air force planes as he heads for one final bloody raid on the international snowman convention at the North Pole.
In the final scenes Scott pays homage to Spielberg as the fatally injured Rudolf’s once iridescent nose slowly fades to a light pink leaving not a dry eye or nose in the movie theatre.

by Jacques Frost

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