The Last Piece Of Cake

Writing put aside (as if one could ignore the Saturday Night like gags or Mean Girls resembling characters), the teen flick/ social irony film should be placed at a separate table this Christmas.

Not only is this 3d feature different with all the metaphors in its narrative, which manage to turn all of the main characters into animated sweet dessert treats for a considerable portion of the scenes, it is also not a typical holiday movie since it mainly deals with issues such as eating disorders, bullying and family conflicts involving teenagers. And it manages to do all that without falling into a drama genre film.

Lead acting by a blue haired Kirsten Stuart followed by funny performances by TV stars Lindsay Shaw and Kevin McHale, the cake would taste sweeter if we could see some musical performances instead of a fictionally made band by some of the high school secondary characters.

The Christmas portion of the film comes in not only through the truly delightful cakes, pies, bars, etc that make you wish the movie theatre had a pastry shop inside, the art department makes sure virtually every character carries a holiday element on their outfits, be it cute sugar sticks earrings or Santa print pyjamas.

The Last Piece of Cake is certainly a theatre film, as one could not enjoy the delicious looking treats in a flat screen the same way. But also, another reason to go to the theatre to check it out are the great gags and smart catch phrases that will be al everyone would be speaking off the following weeks. So make sure you go watch this film in a theatre next to a nice pastry shop and have fun.

By Nicole Zatz

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