Three Men And A Little Miracle

Bejeesus (his mother was Irish) is looked after by these three in a kind of “Three men and a Baby” scenario with halos.
Whilst the mother goes off in search of the child’s father (who has apparently vanished ghostlike into thin air) the three luckless leatherbacks have to come up with various ingenious ways to feed, clothe and change Bejeesus in his early days.
But baby Beejesus seemingly has miracles coming out of his ears (and almost everywhere else!) Is he just an ordinary kid, or is he truly the anointed one? Are our three magi experiencing early miracles, or just tricks of the light? There are surprises galore in this irreverent movie which really does drop the dead donkey and definitely puts the X into Xmas!
Reprises Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck), Michael Kellam (Steve Guttenberg) and Jack Holden (Ted Danson) in their roles from the 1987 box office blockbuster (best film of the year) “Three Men and a Baby” , but this time as rather elderly “not so easy” riders.


The Holy Ghost played a real blinder Phantom Monthly
This film shows Christmas in a new light! Daily Star
A Christmas Miracle!! Private Eye
A shocker!!! Catholic Herald
Might get a Caspar, but surely not an Oscar? Hollywood Review

Musical score by the Heavenly Light Orchestra

By David Pybus

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