Cheat Sheet: Ewan McGregor


Ewan Gordon McGregor

Date of Birth:

31st March 1971

Place of birth:

Crieff, Scotland

Special moves:

Acting, singing, lightsaber wielding, getting naked

Films include:

Moulin Rouge, Star Wars Episodes I-III, Black Hawk Down, Trainspotting, Big Fish, The Pillow Book, Perfect Sense

What you probably already know:

Ewan McGregor is a demi-god living on our planet as a Scottish actor; depending on which clique you fall into, you’ll probably either you know him from Moulin Rouge or Star Wars. If not, you’ll probably know him as “that guy from Trainspotting“. Well done; that was his international breakthrough, transporting him into a world of dizzying stardom, all thanks to a bit of heroin and some painful looking rectal suppositories. You may also know that gorgeous Ewan is famed for ‘getting it out’; he never shies away from a bit of on-screen sex or nudity. In fact, Ewan stated he gets a bit of a rush, or a kind of power, from getting out Little Ewan for the camera.
A family man as well as a hardcore actor, Ewan’s acting CV is overwhelmingly varied, leaping from children’s favourites such as Robots and Nanny McPhee to the likes of Angels & Demons or Beginners. Sure, there have been some who may question Ewan’s choices, but the majority of his roles have positively contributed to his rising stardom. Ewan may stay out of the roving eye of the tabloids, but he’s a big name in the world of Hollywood and that in itself is reason to throw ourselves down at his feet and worship him.

What you might not know:

Ewan McGregor didn’t have a career plan. Oh sure, he was studying drama at Guildhall, but think of all those other no-talented whatsits who’ve slunk out of Guildhall without a sniff of a movie deal in sight. In fact Ewan, just six months prior to graduation, won his first leading role in Dennis Potter’s six-part military civil service drama, Lipstick On Your Collar. And from there, Ewan went on to star alongside none other than Rachel bloody Weisz in the BBC adaptation of Scarlet and Black. In fact, long before Trainspotting, the guy nabbed an Empire Award for his role in the Danny Boyle thriller Shallow Grave.
What else? How about the fact that he used to be Jude Law’s roommate? Oh yes, the two are still close friends and, thank goodness, Jude’s womanizing ways don’t appear to have rubbed off on the happily married Ewan (I say ‘thank goodness’ until, of course, the day he rejects me and my other-woman advances). He’s a UNICEF ambassador, has adopted a little girl from Mongolia (take THAT, Angelina Jolie!) and recently completed a motorbike trip from London to New York over 115 days with best mate Charley Boorman.

Ewan McGregor quote:

“I hated Clueless with a passion. I thought it would have been a really good film if someone had blown her head off at the end with a really huge gun. I mean, this rich bitch suddenly becomes charitable and then she’s okay? And then there’s the token black friend. It was so corrupt, so L.A., I hated it.”

What to say at a dinner party:

“Ewan McGregor may be in some big blockbusters, but he won’t buy into the Hollywood thing. Thanks to his strong desire to only be in good movies, he’s a great supporter of independent films and is one of the few actors who really sits back and considers the impact of a role before taking it. That gives him a real and admirable star quality.”

What not to say at a dinner party:

“God, don’t you just love it when Ewan gets his cock out?”

Final thought:

Ewan’s currently starring in the frankly bloody brilliant Perfect Sense, and will be appearing in 2012’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Is that really just… yup, it’s a film about fishing. If anybody can make that amazing / harrowing / sexy, it’s Ewan. Godspeed, McGregor!

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