Friday Drinking Game #12 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Everyone loves a drinking game, and most of us have a soft spot for classic animation as well – the problem is, getting comprehensively trashed while watching a kids’ film will tend to make you hate yourself in the morning. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to sit on the fence (until we topple off, drooling) – with one foot in Hollywood and the other in Toontown, it could only be Who Framed Roger Rabbit?!

Take One Sip When:

Eddie has a drink. Being an alcoholic, this will be a difficult one to keep up with. But it’s the challenge that counts!

Roger gets hurt. I know he does not feel pain, yadda yadda yadda; this is not an excuse not to drink!

A bad pun is made. How many puns can you fit into a single movie? You tell me (if you can).

Take Two Sips When:

Jessica Rabbit enters the room. The hottest cartoon ever drawn even real men cannot resist the ‘charm’… ahem, yeah. Charm.

Somebody breaks into song. Toons love to sing and dance! And soon you will too!

Roger does something wrong. It should be an easy task to stay quiet and concealed when you’re running for your life. No. Not for Roger. Sometimes you just want to slap him!

Judge Doom turns up. Just to deal with the fear. Whiskey calms the nerves.

Bennie the Cab saves the day. A handy car to know!

Take Three Sips When:

The conspiracy is explained. Again. Granted it is a complicated conspiracy that is ever changing; but really? That many times?

Roger ruins a perfect moment. Apparently it’s funny for him to ruin nice romantic moments. Drink to the loss.

The weasels come close to finding Roger. These evil little beings are not good Toons!

Something makes a strange noise when it is put in a bin. It’s an odd one; but a very noticeable one all the same.

There is a crossing of the border between Toontown and LA. It does happen you know.


Whenever a Toon is dipped. Drink to their memory.

Every time someone mentions safes/pianos being dropped on people’s heads. Living that close to Toon Town has its perils.

Whenever Roger drinks. You want to be on par with him… Really you do!

When Eddie gives up his alcoholic lifestyle. A turning point in the man’s life, we have to share his last drink. It would be disrespectful not to!

When Jessica Rabbit says “I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way”. The most iconic line in the movie! Has to be respected!

If you have any whiskey left drink it all when the steamroller does what it was built to do!

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