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We bring you our guide to what’s out this week, and whether you should spend a penny or save for next week. Enjoy!

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Green Zone

trailer green zone
Bourne’s back, and this time, he’s not Bourne. Matt Damon returns with Green Zone, directed by Paul Greengrass of the Bourne series. Damon plays Officer Miller, a solider stationed in Iraq charged with looking for weapons of mass destruction. Apparently the script isn’t all that great, but pacy direction and Matt’s jaw make it worth a watch. It will probably ride on the back of The Hurt Locker’s success to profit, but we’re not sure it’ll stand the test of time

Anticipation Rating 2/5

Shutter Island

trailer shutter island
Martin Scorsese. Leo DiCaprio. An island mystery involving the criminally insane. We’ve basically been waiting for this film our whole lives. DiCaprio plays a US marshall sent to investigate the disappearance of woman; an inmate at the infamous prison Shutter Island. But as he gets delves further and further into the mystery, he gets caught up in a far darker plot, and soon it’s not only the woman’s disappearance that plagues the mind of the young Marshall. Looks bloody brilliant, and if we have to suffer another disappointment a la Alice, we won’t be happy. Don’t let us down Martin. We believe in you.

Anticipation Rating: 5/5

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

trailer girl with the dragon
Adapted from the novel of the same name, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo follows the mystery of a 16 year old girl who disappeared 40 years ago. Investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist is hired to look into the case, and is contacted by a computer hacker – the girl with the infamous tattoo – who for some reasons wants to help him in his mission. Initial reviews seem to say this is a stonking thriller, with a satisfying script and brilliant performances. Considering the story has two sequels, this could be the start of a very lucrative franchise.

Anticipation Rating: 4/5

The Bounty Hunter

trailer The Bounty Hunter
Ohh, really? In case you haven’t seen the seriously pushy advertising that seems to be everywhere, The Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler as ex-lovers. The twist? He’s now a bounty hunter. And she’s skipped bail. Cue a “hilarious” chase comedy, with lots of kicks to the crotch, escaping from bathrooms and sexual innuendo. Jennifer, please, do a good film? And Gerard.. Well… stick to things where you end up killing people angrily. Maybe we’re being overly cynical, but judging by the trailer The Bounty Hunter will have to work quite hard to win us over.

Anticipation Rating: 1/5

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

trailer hachi
Based on a Japanese true story, Hachi follows the life-long relationship between a man and a dog that he finds at a railway station. Richard Gere plays Parker Wilson, a dog-crazy fellow who cannot bear to leave a lost puppy out in the dark. Initial reviews seem to suggest the simple plot makes this film fairly dull to sit through, though it will inevitably be a hit with dog-lovers for the bravery and dignity of the story that unfolds. Looks like Marely and Me without the comedy, for better or for worse.

Anticipation Rating: 2/5

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