TGIM! Films at The Yard hosts Rooftop Film Club from 29th February

After the unusually nice weekend weather, we almost started believing that Springtime had actually arrived. What fools we were! Now it’s the new week and we’ve slipped back into that strange limbo of murky grey weather that can’t even be categorised by season. So it’s a shit start to the new week, but not all is lost as a weird and wonderful film event is taking place in the trendy wastelands of Hackney Wick.

The Yard Theatre is an old warehouse space that’s been taken over by a collaboration group of artists and architects. After a short but successful theatrical season in 2011, the trendies behind the project are renovating it for a bigger, better theatre season in April 2012. In the meantime, however, the Rooftop Film Club has been invited to host film nights at The Yard between 29th February and 25th March.

Claiming to be ‘the only warehouse-cinema in London,’ The Yard will be showing a host of classic films, including cult hits from the 80s (The Lost Boys, Top Gun), the 90s (Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski), as well as more recent films such as Senna and Pan’s Labyrinth.

After screenings, The Yard invites guests to dance and drink the night away in its vast performance space, which has been built from waste materials reclaimed from the Olympic Park construction site. Tickets for the screenings sell at £9 each, which isn’t bad value considering the novelty of the experience, and the fact that you’ll most likely be seeing films that you already know you like.

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