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  • Le Havre

    Quirky filmmaker Abi Kaurismaki charms us with this deadpan tale of a community coming together to help a lost boy. It may lack edge, but you’ll come away feeling quietly optimistic about human nature.

  • ID: A

    All the hallmarks of a good thriller are here, but ID: A lacks the originality (and a good title) to stick in the memory. The leading lady’s a joy to watch though, and not just because she’s cute… which she most definitely is.

  • Shadow of the Sword

    Cliched performances, shallow characters and a patchy narrative. Still, it involves medieval torture and the Spanish Inquisition, so there’s at least something to see here.

  • The Kid with a Bike

    It’s not easy being a displaced child, less still being the parent of one. Don’t believe me? Then watching this film should be all the proof you need.

  • Bill Cunningham New York

    Bill Cunningham is one of fashion’s most prolific photographers. Surprisingly, he’s unpretentious, doesn’t dress in high fashion and lives in a small room full of filing cabinets. Weren’t expecting that were you?