The New Harry Potter trailer made us wee ourselves

On the 15th July, the final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – launches its wand-based attack on screens worldwide. It’s been a hell of a run up to this point, chopping and changing directors, cast, incredible special effects and often less than incredible performances. But no matter what you make of the wizarding plague, there’s no denying that the new trailer is utterly, bone-meltingly awesome.

Watch it. I… just… watch it.

Whether you like The Boy Who Refuses To Die or not, surely it’s fair to say that this is simply a master-class in action trailer-making. The music, the pacing, the effects, come on now, all we’re missing is a clean shot of Hermoine in clothes that have somehow-been-ripped-off-for-some-reason, and we’d be set to take over the world. And to be honest, we’d rather watch Julie Walters kick some Death-Eater ass any day.

15th July. Don’t even try and pretend you’re not excited.

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