2nd Green Lantern trailer lands

Even hardened, tattoo-dedicating Reynolds fans such as ourselves can’t help but see that The Green Lantern is going to be deeply silly. And the second trailer hasn’t done much to alleviate our fears.

The first trailer got away with some dodgy effects because its focus was on what Ryan does best: making jokes whilst not wearing a shirt. The subsequent leaked clips focussed on lots of cartoonish aliens in green pyjamas, sparking worries about iffy CGI and rumours that Warner Bros had chucked money at the film in post-production in an attempt to clean up the action sequences. Now, we’ve finally got another proper trailer. And sadly, the whole thing smacks of desperation. Just watch, and you’ll see what we mean:

Sigh. The abandonment of any humour, the poor-man’s-Inception soundtrack, the inexplicably bad CGI monsters; what on earth happened here? Ryan’s never looked so out of place, and all Blake Lively does is add a deeply unnecessary injection of bland. The fact that its two and a half minutes long also seems to suggest that the studio have thrown everything they’ve got into this trailer in an attempt to showcase all the best bits, and frankly that doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Oh dear. Are we wrong? Could The Green Lantern still bring it?

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