3D polarized glasses from Apple – iSpecs

Apple has been developing 3D polarized glasses to allow people to watch 3D movies on the move. So if you thought that watching 2D films on your iPod and iPhone just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore you’ll soon be able to upgrade to a brand new pair of iSpecs.

3D specs

Apple has just this month put in a patent application for the 3D specs which gives us some idea as to how they would work. Users would slot their iPod or iPhone into the 3D specs and using a special ‘smart’ lens the image would be projected onto the screen in the glasses. No longer will you have to hold your iPod or iPhone in your hand whilst watching your favourite film, you can now just sit back and relax wherever you happen to be! The image can also be split into two different frames for each eye giving the same 3D effect as if you were in the cinema. There has even been some talk that the 3D specs could vibrate at certain points during your film. But to be completely honest we don’t know how comfortable we would be wearing a pair of vibrating 3D specs in public. Not only can we see ourselves missing our tube stop whilst completely oblivious to the world around us but, we don’t know how safe we’d feel getting out a highly expensive piece of technology in the middle of a night bus when coming home from the pub!

What do you think about Apple’s plans for 3D polarized glasses? Let us know below…

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