80s Film Remake Tron has sequel writers

Do you remember the 80s film Tron? Well, unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island with Tom Hanks as your only friend you’ll know that Disney are planning on bringing the classic retro film to the modern age. The new tron, Tron Legacy is due to be released on December 26th in the UK but Disney are so confident of its success that they have already got writers working on the sequel.

Retro film

For any of you unaware of the original 80s film here is a quick synopsis. Kevin Flynn is a young computer programmer who has been swindled by his colleague Ed Dillinger. Ed steals his work and, presenting it as his own, gains a promotion. Flynn then tries to break into the Master Control Program to steal back his code but in fact ends up digitalised in the computer program itself. With the help of his former girlfriend and Tron, a security program written by his friend Alan Bradley, he battles with the tyrannical MCP in order to escape and gain his freedom.

New Tron

The 80s film remake is unlikely to be a flop. The new Tron will no doubt take full advantage of the 3D possibilities with a remake of this retro film. There is even rumour that the new Tron could even form part of a trilogy but Disney could be counting its chickens before they hatch on that one.

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