Alec Baldwin drops out of MiB 3

We were over the moon when we heard the the glorious dead-pan Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock fame (yes, of other stuff too, but mainly, in our hearts, of 30 Rock fame) was going to be joining the ever expanding MiB 3 cast; playing Agent Z’s predecessor in the heady MiB of the ’60s. But, due to scheduling commitments, it looks like he’s not going to be able to do it. Blast.

Shooting for the third Men In Black film has been postponed so that David Koepp can tighten up the script, but what he’s making up in charming Tommy-Lee quips he’s losing in pure, unadulterated ALEC BALDWIN. With the new start date set for the 28th March, we just hope that no-one else gets as impatient. But yes, we’d rather have a top-notch script that takes us back to the glory days of the original than a sub-standard cameo-fest that confirms the franchise’s descent into mediocrity.

But the question still remains; who is playing Z? Suggestions on the postcard conveniently placed under this news story, please…

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