Amanda Bynes retires

Well, it’s certainly news that will cause shockwaves to run through the very heart of acting institutions everywhere. Amanda Bynes has announced that at 24 she has retired from acting, as “(she doesn’t) love it anymore.”

Bynes announced the news on Twitter (the only place people announce things anymore, it seems), after complaining that she never got to write or direct the parts she played. As an aside, she also tweeted “I like black men I’m very attracted to them fyi”. Wow Amanda, two massive revelations in one day? How will the world cope?

The LA starlet shot to fame in her inherently annoying tween programme The Amanda Show, before starring in fairly disastrous rom-coms such as What A Girl Wants and (shudder) She’s The Man. She never really cornered the tween market in the way that Miley Cyrus managed too, but was never really taken seriously by grownups either. How we’ll cope without films like hers is difficult to know, but to be honest, we’re taking this twitter retirement with a pinch of salt. At 24, she’s got so much more horrendous non-comedy to give.

Reckon Amanda’s really out for the count?

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