Orlando Bloom engaged

… And it seems pretty for real this time around. Orlando Bloom and partner Miranda Kerr have been dating now for three years, and their loved-up general cosiness has sparked many a wedding rumour in the past. But according to Bloom’s representative “Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are getting married”. And, well, there’s not a lot of misinterpreting that, is there?

Bloomy boy is well known to us all by now, but for those not in the know about his fiancee – Miranda Kerr is an Australian Victoria Secret model (well done there Orlando). The pair began dating in 2007 but because of busy schedules have found it difficult to decide to settle down together. They’re a fairly private couple, so we’re doubtful that we’ll get details of the wedding itself (and we probably wont bother buying a hat), but congratulations to both of them; their children will be horrifyingly beautiful.

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