Pirates of Caribbean script found

Wow. There’s leaving your keys on the side table, and then there’s leaving the new Pirates Of The Caribbean script in a cafe. We reckon someone’s gonna walk the plank for this one.

The top-secret script for Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was found left on a table in a London cafe after the film’s bosses stopped for lunch and forgot to take it with them. Luckily for them (and deeply unluckily for dastardly film schemers like us) the script was found by an avid Pirates fan (presumably the only one left), who decided not to look at the script at all.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I resisted the urge to have a read. I want to enjoy the movie when it comes out.” Oh for goodness’ sake man. Not even a glimpse? After discovering the 194-page document, the man handed them into the British publication, which returned them to Walt Disney Pictures – who are financing the movie. Filming for the fourth Pirates adventure started yesterday in Hawaii, and follows Jack Sparrow searching for the fountain of youth. That’s all we know. Bah. Whatever happened to good old fashioned leaking gossip?

Would you have had a peek? Talk to us…

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