Amazing Spider-Man breaks records as trilogy confirmed

With audiences worldwide exclaiming over The Amazing Spider-Man and box office grosses expected to top $150m by the end of the weekend, it was never going to take Sony long to capitalise on the relatively unexpected success of Marc Webb’s unnecessary-but-watchable superhero reboot. Who cares that this is the fourth Spider-Man film in ten years?

The point is, Sony has used the filn’s official Facebook page to confirm that The Amazing Spider-Man is just the beginning:

“Fave”? “Tix”? Ugh. J. Jonah Jameson would have your arse, community manager. We’ve got some theories about just how The Even More Amazing Spider-Man is going to pan out, actually – check back later this week for the sort of insights that will make our practically-psychic breakdown of The Avengers 2 look like something from Blue’s Clues.

Do you think the new Spider-Man should be scaled back? Let us know below!

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