Antonio Banderas hangs out with cats

Premiering the latest DreamWorks venture Puss in Boots in Moscow, Antonia Banderas (Puss) and Salma Hayek (Kitty Softpaws) were at pains to point out they’re really into cats. This only makes a vague pretence to be news, but it does gives us the excuse to print pics of CATS IN CINEMAS HOORAY.

Hayek on finally being allowed to play something other than a sexy girl, namely, a sexy cat:

“She’s tough – I really like this. There are a lot of movies I play just a sexy girl.”

Banderas on his genuinely impressive cat credentials, where he seems to intimate he is actually a lion. Or tiger:

“In my family, we have strange relations with animals. Normally, mother-in-laws have a little doggy. My mother-in-law has 72 lions in a ranch 25 minutes to the north of Los Angeles. She’s been doing that for many years. My wife has been raised with lions and tigers, which says much of our relationship.”

If Banderas turns out to be a lion (or tiger) we’ll let you know. We’ll certainly print more cat pics to go with the story.

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