Avatar DVD Breaks Records

Well of course it does. We’re pretty sure by this point that there’s no record Avatar hasn’t broken. It broke the hurdles world record the other day. We don’t understand it either, but these are the facts.

So, in the US, Avatar has broken records for the fastest selling DVD of all time, selling 6.7 million DVD and Blu-Rays in its opening four days. It snatches the record away from The Dark Knight, which previously held it with which sold 2.7 million on its opening day, 500,000 copies shy of Avatar’s 3.2 million.

Bearing in mind, this is just the 2D version. Oh yes, team Cameron will rake it in all the more when the special 3D-magic-telly version comes out. And the bloody thing is still in cinemas, so there’s even more money coming in from the box office. Where does it end?

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