Avengers Assemble featurette is more of the bloody same

You might not have heard, but Marvel Avengers Assemble is OUT THIS MONTH OH MY SHITTING SHIT! Seriously, Joss, can you just chill out and let us wait for the film? The only truly exciting bit of Avengers news we could possibly be given now is that we’re not allowed to see any more of it until the damn thing actually comes out.

Anyway, there’s a new featurette. Literally the only exciting thing about it is seeing the proper, un-upfucked title at the end. BLAH:

Nick Fury’s slightly emo voiceover is genuinely the only bit of film in that that we haven’t seen before, apart from the various actors talking about their roles. We don’t care what you have to say, actors! And why does Joss Whedon look so, so much like a younger version of Dwalin from The Hobbit?

We know we’ve said this before, but srsly now – no more Avengers articles. At all. The film will be out REALLY SOON and we’ll all cope until then.

Oh, are you going to miss your fix of really short clips of Iron Man? You already fucking know what he looks like. Get over yourself.

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