Budget Horror Paranormal Activity Scoops $100 million

It’s rather nice to know that in an era of ‘torture porn’ (the Saw series, Hostel and others of its ilk) there is still celebration of films that are genuinely frightening, rather than just gore-splattering.

Paranormal Activity is filmed in the Blair Witch style; a pseudo-documentary about a young couple experiencing weird things in their house. A camera is set up to record a night of Bad Things Happening, and well, you’d have to go see it to know the rest. It was written, directed and edited by Oren Peli: a previously unknown American film-maker. Filmed with a cast of two in a week for $15,000, it was edited on Peli’s PC and then entered into a tiny horror film festival in Kentucky. Since then, it has prevented the sleep of millions.

So far in the US alone the film has grossed over $100 million, and is quickly gaining a reputation of being one of most terrifying films of the decade. It opens in the UK on the 27th of November, giving you plenty of time to decide how much sleep you’re willing to lose. If you want a little teaser, we’ve posted the trailer below. Good luck, and sweet dreams.

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