Bullock slaps stalker with another RO

Relentlessly underachieving actress Sandra Bullock has successfully obtained a third restraining order against her long-term stalker.

Thomas James Weldon, an untreated paranoid schizophrenic, is alleged to have been obsessed with Bullock for almost a decade. He bombarded her and her her family with faxes (old-school stalking, that) and followed her from state to state as she moved around the USA, claiming he wanted to enter into a relationship with her.

Weldon was served with a temporary restraining order in 2003 which was later made permanent, although he committed himself to a Tennessee mental health institution before the RO came into force. Bullock’s production company later mounted legal action to ensure that it would be notified when Weldon was released, although the action did not mention Bullock by name and simply referred to Weldon’s fixation with “a certain employee of Fortis Films”.

However, the 2003 order expired last year and Weldon has reportedly been up to his old tricks, driving from Tennessee to Bullock’s Wyoming home in an attempt to meet the actress for the first time. Should the order become permanent, it will also protect the seven-month-old baby which Bullock is in the process of adopting as a single mother following her recent divorce.

In all honesty, Best For Film is quietly astounded that Weldon’s been able to put up with his beloved’s astonishingly mediocre output over the last God knows how many years. Anyone who could love you after Speed 2: Cruise Control is probably worth hanging onto, Sandra.

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