Cineworld Traumatise Younglings with Scary Trailers for Bad Movies

Before a recent screening of Chris Miller’s passable Shrek spin off Puss in Boots in the Wandsworth branch of Cineworld the mostly pre-pubescent audience were shown back to back trailers for 15 rated The Devil Inside and 12A rated Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. So as the sea of rosy cheeked toddlers happily stuffed their faces with popcorn and maltesers in eager delight at seeing their fave character from Shrek return in his very own movie and their attendant mothers sat patiently by their side, growing wetter each minute at the thought of experiencing Antonio Banderas in pocket size, feline form the entire auditorium was exposed to scenes of exorcism, skulls on fire and graphic Nicholas Cage. Needless to say this resulted in tears, uneaten boxes of popcorn and a complaint to Wandsworth Council who are now investigating the incident.

It is illegal for a trailer to be shown before a film with a lower BBFC certificate and, since Puss in Boots is a U, Cineworld’s blunder breached the UK licensing laws. A rep for the cinema blamed the incident on “a genuine human error” which seems like a slightly redundant clarification. It is doubtful many people were blaming it on some deliberate, shadowy conspiracy enacted by the cinema chain to terrify the nations youth into eating more popcorn.

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