Daniel Radcliffe denies Freddie Mercury rumours

Queen are musical-bilge and biopics are awful. Daniel Radcliffe knows this, and so has distanced himself from the forthcoming Freddie Mercury biopic that is so far untitled and has no cast attached, and so really, can’t be considered a film in production at all. It’s basically just Brian May and Roger Whatever and Is There Another One I Suppose There Must Be thinking “Hey We Will Rock You’s made us a boat-load of cash why not get us summore to save those ruddy badgers!”

Daniel Radcliffe hates badgers and eats them routinely for his tea.

Sacha Baron Cohen was initially lined up to play Mercury but clashed with May et al over the story. By all accounts, Cohen wanted to story to be, well, accurate, and May ‘n that wanted it to, well, not be. Cohen rightly took umbrage to this and jumped ship faster than you can say “Don’t Stop Me Now”. We’ve heard nothing since then – in fact, our last story on this topic (published nearly two years ago) reported that the film was due to shoot in 2012 (back when it was called A Kind of Magic – no idea what happened to that).

We at Best For Film, being the thorough investigative journalists that we are, are putting all our eggs in one basket. That’s right. The Lee Ryan basket. You heard it here first. Lee Ryan aka that one from Blue recently changed his Twitter profile picture to that of a badger to support Brian May’s quest to stop the badger cull. This is mental, and can only be attributed to Ryan campaigning for the role of Mercury, which May is said to be warm to (I’ve made that quote up, so what?). And if that wasn’t enough evidence, we’ve uncovered a few tweets that display Ryan’s unquestioning love for cinema:

See? We’re not saying that it’ll definitely happen, but like, if it does, then we told you so.

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