Daryl Hannah Arrested at White House Protest

You’ve got to hand it to Daryl Hannah. While most ageing eighties pin-ups would be content to sit back and enjoy playing choice roles such as ‘antagonistic mother-in-law’ or ‘first wife’, Daryl Hannah is out there, fighting to make the world a better place. And by that we mean, she keeps showing up in weird places and getting arrested.

Hannah (A dyed in the wool granola-cruncher) and a group of environmental protesters staged a peaceful protest yesterday outside the White House. The 50 year old and her minions were rallying against a planned oil pipeline from Canada to the US Gulf Coast. The Keystone Pipeline is due to go through six states to refineries in Texas.

Hannah was arrested for sitting down on the pavement near the White House and refusing to obey US Park Police commands to cease the protest. The 50 year old’s lobbying against the use of fossil fuels has been longstanding, and she has become known for her involvement in various hippie causes. In 2006 she was arrested for protesting the demolition of a Los Angeles community garden, afterwards stating that “I’m not thrilled about it, but I felt it was important to sustain my commitment.”

We’re happy that Daryl Hannah cares about things but we’d be much happier if her and team Tarantino would just crack on with Kill Bill 3 already.

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