Despicable Me minions spin-off set for December 2014

With Despicable Me 2 set to hit cinemas in the summer of 2013, you could forgive us for thinking that the original movie had taken its fair share of being rehashed. But it seems as if we’re set to see those little yellow minions AGAIN for their very own movie in December 2014.

Lucky us. Thanks for that one, Universal Pictures.

We wonder what the Despicable Minions will be getting up to in their very own flick – being as they can’t actually speak human words, we imagine they’ll have to have a few minor human characters on standby. For translation purposes. Otherwise the entire thing will be a little too much like watching The Teletubbies on the silver screen.

The film will be directed by Pierre Coffin – who, handily, also provides the “voice” of the minions – and Brian Lynch is on script duty. You may remember his way with words from such films as Puss In Boots (yay!) and Big Helium Dog (you what?).

The plot details are, of course, completely under wraps, although it’s safe to assume that Steve Carrell – who played Gru in the original Despicable Me film – won’t be appearing in the spin-off project. Sad times.

Are you looking forward to seeing the minions get their very own film?

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