Dick Van Dyke bags 2012 SAG Life Achievement Award

Dick Van Dyke, oh he of the most endearing “Cockney” accent known to man, is set to receive the highest SAG honour. OH YES! The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actor will be presented with the SAG Life Achievement Award at the 19th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

If he finds himself too overcome to make an acceptance speech, at least he has the linguistic know-how to sound perfectly precocious. We’re desperately hoping that D.V.D lets out a resounding “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” when they pop the glittering accolade in his wrinkly hand.

So why does Dick deserve the award? Well, according to Ken Howard, it’s all down to the actor’s ability to excel at EVERY SINGLE KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT EVER:

“Dick is the consummate entertainer — an enormously talented performer whose work has crossed nearly every major category of entertainment. From his career-changing Broadway turn in ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and his deadpan humor in the Emmy® winning ‘Dick Van Dyke Show,’ to his unforgettable performance as Bert in ‘Mary Poppins,” he sets a high bar for actors. Stage, big screen, small screen, literally everywhere he has worked he has inspired millions of fans and has had a tremendously positive impact on the industry and the world. He is so deserving of this honor and I congratulate him.”

Basically Dick Van Dyke is amazing. And then there’s this…

To be honest, we can’t work out why Dick Van Dyke hasn’t been given the most prestigious Screen Actors Guild award a million times over based on that single clip. Look at his crazy crazy legs! It’s like watching a Daddy Long-Legs go rollerblading – in style.

Sadly for all Dick fans, we won’t get to see him receive his award until the ceremony in January 2013. By that point, global warming will probably have melted each and every single thing we love (read: the televisions) and the world will have ended. Bloody Mayans.

What’s your favourite Dick Van Dyke moment? Is it the Ol’ Bamboo dance? Knew it.

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