Edge of Tomorrow trailer explodes repeatedly

Edge of Tomorrow finally has its first trailer after a rather lengthy production schedule thus far, and it’s pretty much what everyone suspected it would be: Tom Cruise + Explosions. It’s sold our ticket at the very least. We’re still rather vexed at the name change, however – the original title All You Need Is Kill (from the source novel) was far better, even if it was the grammatical equivalent of a Portaloo at the Burning Man festival.

Here it is in its repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly loud glory:

As you can see in the trailer, the plot goes thusly: Tom Cruise is Bill Cage, an incompetent soldier in an incompetent army with awesome guns. In a battle against transdimensional aliens or something, he’s almost immediately killed. Luckily, having reached the auto-save point in the level right before the boss fight, he simply reloads, now slightly wiser.

And so it goes on ad infinitum until, this is just a guess based on 4000 years of human storytelling, tomorrow finally comes.

The comparisons to the incomparable Groundhog Day are obvious, but we have to say that Emily Blunt is a far less bushy and nasal presence than Andie MacDowell.

We hope Edge of Tomorrow is good, but we hope it has a slightly better twist than Tom Cruise’s last sci-fi outing, the just-about-enjoyable Oblivion (SPOILER: Clones.)

Edge of Tomorrow will shove a massive gun into your face on a loop when it arrives in cinemas in June 2014.

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