Fincher probably won’t take on the next Dragon Tattoo film

Despite the critical acclaim and box office success of Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo , it might be that the director won’t be returning to direct the second or third film in the series. This is rubbish.

The problem is that Sony are desperate to get going on filming the next instalment – The Girl Who Played With Fire – as quickly as possibly, and have begun to schedule work to start by autumn of this year. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are locked into a three film contract, so pretty much have to do as they’re told, but this isn’t the case with director David Fincher. He’s been wanting to begin filming on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea for a while now, and according to whispers over at IndieWire, he’s not willing to give up his dream to carry on helming the Larsson trilogy. Sony would be willing to lose Fincher as director if it meant getting both sequels filmed and out in 2013, and considering past scrapes between the director and the studio (they clashed massively over the running time of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button), it might be that they’re happy to see him go. Would you still be interested in continuing with the series if it didn’t have Fincher all over it? Screenwriter Steve Zaillian is still on-board, as is the entirety of the original cast – but it certainly wouldn’t be the same. Let us know your thoughts, and we’ll let you know of any developments…

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