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  • Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

    I don’t know much about Terrence Malick. But then again, I don’t know much about Alfred Hitchcock either, and it doesn’t stop me knowing that Disturbia is a rip-off of Rear Window. As literally every other critic on earth has noted, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints appears to be a homage to Malick’s love of trackless…

  • The changing faces of Rooney Mara

    Rooney Mara is slowly becoming a household name for her chameleon approach to taking on challenging roles and refusing to be typecast. From a typical American teen to a Swedish computer hacker, and most recently a Texas outlaw in the 1970s in August’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, let’s take a look at some of the many changing faces of Rooney Mara’s dynamic career to date.

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects may cause drowsiness: Steven Soderbergh’s neo-noir cum psychological thriller is contagiously dreamy, until it evolves into a nightmare. It’s brilliant. If Soderbergh really is retiring, he’s certainly ended on a high. Side Effects encompasses some of the key themes he has explored throughout his career (it has the sex, it has the lies, it has the videotape) and forms a tribute to past cinema, channeling a Hitchcockian narrative, style and tone.

  • Oscar 2012 Nominations

    THEY’RE HERE! The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards have been released, and as we predicted The Artist has basically bagsied all the categories like a fat greedy child in a tuckshop. Standard.