First trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

We know what you’re thinking – why bother making Ghost Rider 2 when they could just have re-released Drive Angry? It’s a mystery to us too. But, for better or for worse (for worse), Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance is going to be hitting our screens soon. And all we can do is watch some stuff about it.

So, you’ll be glad (?) to know that Nic Cage is back as Johnny Blaze – the devil’s reluctant bounter hunter, and this time around he’s got slightly improved chain-on-fire CGI and a child to save. Yeah, we’re tired too. Anyway, take a look:

Ghost Rider must have done fairly well at the box office to warrant a sequel – what, oh, I mean, no of COURSE we all wanted to know what happened to Johnny on an artistic level, obviously – but we have to say this looks pretty lacklustre. The action is repetitive, Nic Cage is doing BAD NIC CAGE acting rather than GOOD NIC CAGE acting, and there don’t seem to be any tongue-in-cheek moments at all. Not a good sign. Seriously guys, Drive Angry 3D. It’s all we will ever need.

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