First trailer for The Dictator now online

Now, if last year’s Four Lions taught us anything, it’s that it’s very possible to make a genuinely hilarious, thought-provoking and utterly entrancing terrorism comedy. But is it possible to make one with Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead? Hmmm. We’ve got a first trailer for you, and we’re… we… well we’re not quite sure what to make of it:

Mixing jokes about women being able to break bricks with their breasts, about how the Kardashians are hairy and how the Empire State building will probably get blown up soon, we’re really not too sure what direction The Dictator is trying to go in. Good on Megan Fox for attacking her rather jaw-dropping cameo with aplomb, but we’re just not convinced that – considering the atrocities Saddam Hussein committed during his time in power – every stupid joke will, or should, come off. It might be too early to choose a side on The Dictator , but it does seem like its purpose is purely to shock, rather than engage with any kind of intelligent satire. But Sacha Baron Cohen is far from stupid, so perhaps this is a case of editing gone awol. Stay tuned…

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