Four new posters for Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Good news, people. We have four new posters for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and they’re coming at you very soon. First we’re going to tell you a little bit about the film to get your juices flowing. Ethan Hunt (you might remember him from the first three Mission: Impossible films – man, this guy is ALWAYS getting into scrapes, isn’t he?) is forced to “go rogue” when the organisation he works for is implicated in a bombing at the Kremlin. The film is directed by Pixar vet Brad Bird who has also worked on The Simpsons and King of the Hill, meaning he is used to dealing with two-dimensional characters (zing!).

So here are four character posters for you. Now, at first glance it’s hard to work out exactly who all these people are. Some of them look a bit French, some of them look a bit shady, some of them look both French and shady (a classic combination).

This first guy has quite tall hair. He’s also looks very slightly worried, as though he’s trying to remember if he unplugged his hairdryer this morning.

This second guy is holding a gun and looks even more worried than the first guy. Stop being so worried everyone! This guy doesn’t even have enough hair to warrant a hairdryer.

This third guy doesn’t really look worried at all, in fact he looks kind of like he’s planning something devious. Maybe that’s why the other guys are so worried.

This one’s a woman. She’s got a gun and she also looks really shady.

Like us, you might be a bit like “Who are all these people? Why am I looking at photos of them? Did I unplug my hairdryer this morning?”. But if you cast your eyes to the bottom of the posters you will notice that EACH ONE says the name Tom Cruise. That’s right. We’ve cracked your code, posters! We know your secret! THEY’RE ALL TOM CRUISE. Man, the makeup ladies must have been working OVERTIME to get those masks so realistic. Great work, ladies.

For more info, check out the film’s Facebook page.

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