Ghostbusters 3 gets a start date

Despite various setbacks, script problems and Bill Murray loudly proclaiming he ISN’T DOING IT GODDAMMIT, it seems that the rumour mill is still going full speed on Ghostbusters 3. According to Production Weekly, Sony have set a start date of May 2011, which means it could be on our screens by summer 2012.

Director Ivan Reitman and star Dan Ackyroyd have been fairly vocal about their support for the project, with Ackyroyd even taking over writing duties from Office penners Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The plot – as far as we can make out – will concern a new generation of ghoul-bashers, who take over the good fight from the oldies. But surely the film can’t even get started without Murray on board? A Ghostbusters without Venkman aint no Ghostbusters we want to see…

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