Happy Feet 2 flop cripples production company

You knew it was going to be a flop, we knew it was going to be a flop, but for some reason it seems that Warner Bros had no clue that Happy Feet 2 was going to do so atrociously at the box office. Banking on it as a holiday hit, they were utterly unprepared for it to fall with such a resounding thud. Especially after it went over-budget to the tune of $50 million.

The worst part is that, according to IF Magazine, Dr D Studios, the Australian digital production company behind the film, is laying off 600 staff members come December. Happy Christmas!

It is a real shame, but what we can’t figure out is how nobody foresaw that no-one would go to see it. It’s almost as if the concept of animated penguins dancing and singing isn’t a concept that could be stretched over two films.

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