Have Summit found their new Twilight?

To the distress of weeping teens and relief of the rest of the human race, the Twilight franchise comes to an end this November. But what will Summit Entertainment do when their most lucrative cash-cow finally bites the blood-lusty dusty? Helpfully, another sexy sorcery story is at hand to capture the hearts and loins of impressionable young things everywhere, and this time a MAGIC CIRCUS is involved. Oh dear. We like the circus. Can’t we keep the circus?

The Night Circus, the debut novel by (if not else, the very canny) Erin Morgenstern, centres on a magical circus that only exists from sunset till sunrise. Within the circus lies a bitter rivalry, and two young kids from opposite sides of the lion pen (or whatever) are brought up knowing that they are mutual enemies. What’s that? Forbidden love? If we didn’t know better, we’d swear you could replace the fangs with talented seals and transfer the Twilight cast straight across. BUT, the good news is that on board to write the screenplay is Moira Buffini – responsible for the recent (and rather good) Jane Eyre script. So could we actually be getting some young adult fodder with real bite? Edward would be so proud…

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