Heather Graham back in for The Hangover Part III

Remember how Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen were totally amazing and Ocean’s Twelve was an absolute pile of wank (mainly because they let women be involved. Don’t let women be involved)? If we’re very, very lucky, then The Hangover franchise will work out in a similar way. The Hangover? Great film. Great acting, great script, nice idea well executed – well done everyone. The Hangover Part II? Embarrassingly dreadful. Shame on all involved. The Hangover Part III? Watch this space.

The fact that they’re making a third movie at all (due for release May 2013), suggests they think they’ve got it in them to make up for the desperately negative response to Part II. Director Todd Phillips commented that this one is “certainly not in the same template as the other movies”, so it looks like they’ve learnt that you can’t just litter the place with willies and the c-word and expect people not to notice that you’ve made an an identical movie but set it in Bangkok and made it shit.

Heather Graham, the lovely stripper from the first movie, is set to reprise her role for the third installment, which rumours suggest is set in Mexico. One of the 112 main issues of the second film is that instead of Stu going back for the lovely stripper, which he plans to at the end of the first film, he’s taken up with this Thai woman and we sort of feel jilted on Heather’s behalf. But now she’s back – Hurrah! and hopefully she’ll bringing some of the first movie’s joy with her. Do some good directing Todd Phillips, do some good acting Ed Helms, do some good funny Zach Galifianakis, keep looking beautiful Bradley Cooper.

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