Idris Elba set to return to Asgard for Thor 2

Fresh from winning a shiny Best Actor Golden Globe for his performance as a troubled detective in BBC series Luther, Idris Elba has confirmed that he will once again don the massive helmet and gold contact lenses of Norse god Heimdall in Marvel’s Thor 2.

The omnitalented actor, who is currently filming Pacific Rim with Guillermo del Toro, told MTV News “Thor 2 for sure… We’re going at it again” when accosted at this weekend’s awards ceremony. However, he has yet to meet with the troubled sequel’s latest director Alan Taylor.

Elba also revealed that although his Thor costars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston will both be starring in The Avengers, there are no plans for Heimdall (who can see across the entire Nine Realms, ‘cos he’s cool like that) to appear. We’re guessing starring in a kaiju-inspired epic for Del Toro takes up quite enough of one’s time anyway…


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