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  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Despite the controversy surrounding Zero Dark Thirty (including an Oscar nomination boycott), Kathryn Bigelow’s latest politically-charged war drama still managed to bag 4 Golden Globe awards and bring in $24 million in its opening weekend. Zero Dark Thirty is intelligent, well-documented and manages to tug on our heartstrings whilst presenting us with the cold hard facts. Be that as it may, the film can sometimes feel like a prolonged episode of a TV drama that never quite surpassed its pilot.

  • Cheat Sheet: Hugh Jackman

    Few actors in Hollywood are hotter than Hugh Jackman is at the moment. He first scorched us back in 2009 when he fronted the Academy Awards, a performance that included one of the most spectacular opening numbers in Oscar history. With his much lauded performance in Les Misérables currently in the cinemas, and Jackman having just bagged a Golden Globe, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet with everything you wanted to know about Hollywood’s leading man.