Independence Day sequels… STILL HAPPENING!?

Independence Day is 17 years old. As entertaining as it was, no one is going to accuse it of being brilliant. It was written in a single weekend by director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin for one thing. Also, Randy Quaid is in it (UP YOOOOOOOOURS!) The proposed sequels to Independence Day have languished for years now, but Emmerich and Devlin have recently reiterated their dubious intentions for the project.

After the 3D post-conversion of Independence Day was canned earlier this year, it looked unlikely that any sequels would be picked up, but gosh darn it the project still lives. At the Hero Complex Festival, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin hinted at what they envisaged the nature of the Independence Day aliens.

“[They have] swarm intelligence, and we are individual intelligence – and even if we kill each other, we have something very special, we have this indomitable human spirit”.

Yeah that’s great, guys. Real original. It’s not as though their swarm intelligence has ever done anything incredible like building inter-galactic spaceships or anything.

If the Independence Day sequels do go ahead (we tentatively suggest The Day After Independence Day and The Day After The Day After Independence Day as sequel titles) Emmerich and Devlin hope to coax back Jeff Goldblum to kill more aliens with a Mac and a virus, a computer… virus. No word if they are looking to ensnare Will Smith back though.

They got reeeal lucky with the first Independence Day. Let’s pray that hell freezes over before Emmerich and Devlin get their sequels. We still haven’t forgotten Godzilla.

How would you feel about sequels to Independence Day? Is this just Emmerich and Devlin trying to get a payday?

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