Is Mel Gibson indestructible?

Sure he’s a sexist, an anti-semite and possibly a violent and deranged tool-belt, but heck, it’s Mel Gibson! – This seems to be the message American audiences are sending to Hollywood, as a new survey reveals that most people wouldn’t change their viewing habits based on Gibson’s past behaviour.

The survey for US TV show 60 Minutes and magazine Vanity Fair suggests that more than three-quarters of respondents are unphased by audio recordings of the film-maker and actor ranting at his estranged ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. In fact, 76%– 80% of men and 72% of women said that the leaked tapes would have “no effect” on their cinema habits whatsoever. Good to know guys, good to know.

So despite being dropped by his talent agency William Morris Endeavor, it might be that Mel remains on our screens for some years to come. All we can do is wait and see whether his new film, The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster, gets commerical success. So should such things influence our film choices? Or should what happens off-screen stay off-screen? Let us know what you think about this one…

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