James Franco turns pornographer for new film

News has reached us that James Franco has signed up to play pornographer Chuck Traynor in a new film about Linda Lovelace (her of Deep Throat fame). Kate Hudson has been offered the title role by directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, as the porn star who married Traynor and starred in one of the most notorious porn flicks of all time, before later claiming he coerced her into prostitution and porn by hypnotism.

This one has bizarre written all over it, which should suit Franco down to the ground. Hudson meanwhile, might relish the chance to get back to some serious acting after her Rom-Com craze of recent years, and hopefully will display more of the talent that caught our attention all those years ago in Almost Famous.

The usual problems surround the film, namely lack of funding, actors with severely busy work schedules and Kate Hudson growing a small child in her belly, but fingers crossed this one gets the green light. After all, there can never be too much porn is this world. Right?

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