Jason Segel joins the cast of Apatow’s This Is Forty

Though it’s unlikely that Apatow will be beckoning Katherine “Knocked Up was sexist” Heigl back into the fold, it could be that Jason Segel might be a returning player for the spin-off This Is Forty. After playing a sleazy mate of Ben (Seth Rogan’s character) in Knocked Up, it looks like the comedy hero will be joining a cast which includes Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Chris O’Dowd and Megan Fox.

The speculation comes from a photo posted by Megan Fox on her facebook page, claiming that she, O’Dowd and Segel were enjoying some time together on the set of This Is Forty. Here’s the picture in question, if you’re the type that enjoys looking at pictures:

The caption underneath reads: “On set of THIS IS 40 with Jason and Chris…Two very handsome, very tall, VERY funny men.” It fails to mention the fact that Chris O’Dowd has grown an inexplicably dreadful moustache, but perhaps its best we all just let that go for now. This Is Forty is set to centre on Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd’s Knocked Up characters, and considering they stole practically every scene in the pregnancy comedy, our hopes are high. Don’t let us down, Megan Fox. Don’t let that Voldemort face let us down…

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