Jim’s Thought for the Day: Michael Moore

For some weeks, an odd duality has persisted at Best For Film Towers. Our dilemma is this: loyal BFF acolyte Jim routinely showers us with pearls of wisdom unmatched by aphorists throughout the ages, but as yet we have found no reliable way of distributing them through the galaxy so all may benefit from his unique understanding of the world around us.

We have been simultaneously enriched by his company and plagued by guilt at the selfish way in which we have hoarded his intellectual gifts. Well, no longer. As of today we will provide for you all one shining wisp of premium Jim wisdom every day, excepting high days and holidays. The first observation which we offer to a hungry, expectant world relates to documentary film-maker Michael Moore:


“He’s quite self-righteous. And fat.”


Be ye enriched.

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