Josh Zetumer to pen Robocop remake

Deadline are reporting that MGM have chosen Josh Zetumer to join director Jose Padilha all aboard the Robocop remake train.

Zetumer’s writing credits currently amount to a lot of potential and not much product. Well, no product as yet, with his scripts for both Dune and The Borne Legacy getting lost somewhere in the Hollywood machine. More promisingly, perhaps, his original script for IRA thriller The Infiltrator is said to be in production with Leonardo DiCaprio cast in the lead role, but further detail regarding this project are pretty much non-existent.

So, not exactly the barnstorming announcement that MGM probably needed to kick this project into gear. Having said that I’m not sure how you generate excitement for yet another reboot, particularly when MGM, more than anyone, won’t be taking any risks after having filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year.

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