Kick-Ass 2 debuts new Hit Girl clip

Alright, check it, everyone knows the only reason people got excited about Kick-Ass is because Chloe Moretz was little and she said c*nt, which is a word I can’t use in this blog for fear of the man breathing down my sun-torched neck, which actually doesn’t sound like too unpleasant an experience at this juncture. With Kick-Ass 2 on the horizon the latest TV spot is very Hit Girl focussed, with one more glaring omission…

Here you go, have a look at the clip and see if you can spot the star who (almost) doesn’t appear at all. Try to ignore the stupid Russian woman talking before and after and during it, we’ve called an exterminator but for now there’s nothing to be done.

That’s right, where on earth is Jim Carrey?! A pretty big addition to the cast I would have thought, I don’t know what his role is obviously, I’m a busy man and haven’t had the time to check, but I *know* he’s in it – oh wait didn’t he say all that stuff about opposing its flagrant use of violence, basically washing his hands of any involvement in the film? I’m sure the two things are unrelated.

Not really sure what else to make of the trailer – the first film spun conventions on its head in terms of the conceit, now the franchise (and let’s not kid ourselves, definitely what it is) seems to be transforming into something more recognisable, thus defeating the point? I don’t know, perhaps she’ll say c*nt again causing David Cameron to wax not-so-lyrical about the moral fibres of our society being eroded in front of our very eyes! God forbid what happens when the royal baby calls someone a c*nt for the first time, likely to happen very early in her life considering she is going to be surrounded by them, each one worse than the last.

Do you think Kick-Ass 2 will be true to the spirit of the original? Let us know below!

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