Kick-Ass 2 gets a brand-new trailer

As we’re all well aware by now, Kick-Ass and Hit Girl are back for more nut-smashing and ass-kicking action in the upcoming Kick-Ass 2, and they’ve got a brand-new international trailer to prove it.

But, this time around, the emphasis is firmly on Chloë Moretz. There’s a lot of shots which show Mindy Macready grappling with her identity as a “normal” teenager, a few lip wobbling moments which suggest a wealth of inner turmoil under the surface, quite a bit of purple and a LOT of looking into mirrors and seeing herself as costume-clad superhero Hit-Girl.

Can Macready ever embrace her destiny as a superhero? You bet your soft kickable posterior she can!

“This 15-year-old girl just owned your ass.”

What did we tell you, eh?

But, rather than pointing the camera squarely at the emotional journey of a young girl in the midst of an identity crisis, the trailer also offers us a sneak-peek at new character Colonel Stars and Stripes aka Jim Carrey. According to the sequel’s plot synopsis, Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor Johnson) joins forces with the Colonel to battle Red Mist, the character who betrayed him in the first film.

Sounds pretty dramatic, right?

The film is set to hit UK cinemas on July 19 and also features such glittering stars as John Leguizamo, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and former Scrubs actor Donald Faison.

Are you excited for Kick-Ass 2? YEAH YOU ARE!

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